Your music guide to a less stressful Ammani winter

*Bear with me the 1st world problems, just for the sake of this post….I promise I won’t do it again*

The Hollywood romantic winter we watch in movies is not really what we get at this end of the world.  Sinking in Amman’s tunnels is not cozy, and I have to say getting locked up for a week and a half waiting for the unprecedented, unexpected, and uninvited Jordanian snow to miraculously disappear, is not fun either.

Well if this winter will eat us up like last year (wait until January), we must get prepared. Instead of getting cranky in the middle of the horrible traffic that would at best end in a verbal fight or at worst end with at least one casualty, try listening to the playlist below. It is jazzy, energetic and might help you find the good in that ***** who just mud splashed you!

Let’s just hope internet would survive the storm!

1. Les Pessants

I hope I’m as optimistic about Amman as the singer is about Paris who loves  it in all seasons (1:28).

Well I love Amman… In May… that’s it. Just because the whole universe has not yet invaded the country, and Amman’s 5 bushes have not yet left.


2. Comes Love

“Comes a snowstorm get a little heat. But comes Love, nothing can be done”. Well I’m not sure we can relate to this song.

Actually it’s the opposite here. Preventing love is much easier than preventing a snowstorm; many things can be done when love happens. Interrogation, abuse, and honor killing, are only a few. But when a snowstorm comes, nothing can be done!

I think  I’ve gone wrong with my target group.


3. Blue Angel

“Your Mama never told you how you’re supposed to treat a girl”

Ok I’m back on track. Enjoy a lazy and unique wintry voice. (wait until 0:40)


4. Dance me to the end of Love

A beautiful song to end  your hectic Ammani rainy day.


5. اقرأ الخبر- مسار إجباري

Winter might be a very good reason to leave Amman, but I keep remembering the city’s Jasmine scent in Spring and I get weak!


The SEA in 5 Arabic songs

In front of the sea we roam in a comforting instability. The endless wet emptiness invokes feelings of fear, love, challenge and surrender. We can see the sea as water or as a continuation of our contradiction. We can hear it as noise or as a sonata. We can feel it as liquid or as an elixir. The 5 musicians/bands below chose the latter.

1. The sea as a CONNECTOR 

One way of understanding the world is to see it as an island in a large body of water. Although it parts us from our loved ones, we can also consider it connecting us to them.

Shiraz is a Jordanian band led by Muhannad Aljabi. Their cover of “Babori Rayeh Rayeh” (My Ship is Going, Going) is very distinguished: it’s oriental, fresh and lively, just wait till min 1:30. The song has also been sung by the renowned Iraqi singer Ilham Al-Madfai.


2. The sea as a LOVER

No matter how far we go in our interpretations of the sea, we cannot miss out its romance.

In this song “Bahib il Bahr” (I love the Sea), the sea is personified as a lover; its playful azure waves, and its calming hushing sound replaces human love and affection.

Kamilya Jubran is a Palestinian musician and singer whose songs are a product of delicate and genuine emotion.


3. The sea as an IDENTITY

When we think of Beirut, Alexandria, Jaffa, etc… we think of fishermen, of sunsets and blue horizons. As such, the sea becomes inseparable from the human component of the place; it eventually becomes part of the inhabitants’ speech, thoughts and feelings.

Law Shirboo ilBahar (If They Drank the Sea) is a beautiful song by the Palestinian band Wil’at that expresses Palestinian belonging to the land’s smallest details such as the sea shells. However no belonging ever amounts to that of the city which is greater than the sum of its parts.


4. The sea as a THIEF 

Apart from its beauty, the sea in Lebanon greatly contributes to the chaos of the country. Its waves are uncontrollable and its music plays in perfect harmony with the ticking of bombs and the thudding of thunder that wake Beirutis up from the comfort of their sleep, but never from the comfort of their dance floor.

“Bahr” (Sea) is an interesting song by the Lebanese band Mashrou’ Laila that introduces a new perception of the sea as a thief. The singer converses with the sea and pleads in anguish for help to find his brother whom the waves have stolen.


5. The sea as a TRAITOR 

Similar to Mashrou’ Laila, the Algerian chaa’bi song “Bahr Altoufan” (Sea of Flood) laments the loss of a loved one who went out to the sea in the morning but did not return.

The Original song is for Mohammad Albaji.